Resources for Veterans

This is not an exhaustive or final list of resources. We are continually adding and improving the list, and we welcome any suggestions for additions, changes, and edits from the community. Please feel free to email Angelica Mishra, Assistant to the Chief Diversity Officer, at with your thoughts.

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Military & Veterans Services

Current and former U.S. military personnel make up a growing number of individuals starting or returning to college. The reality is that veterans, whether currently serving, just back from active duty, discharged, retired, or just starting out in military life, require a unique set of tools to complete their degrees.

At Kutztown University (KU), we understand your need for flexibility in programming because of time commitments and training/deployment schedules that come with military life. We understand your need for guidance through the complexity of scholarship and tuition assistance programs. We understand exactly what you need to get started, continue your education, and earn your degree.

You honored us with service to our country; we honor you with support and guidance to achieve your academic goals.

Visit the Veterans Services website here.

Green zone/got your six training

Green Zone/Got Your Six is sensitivity awareness training that educates faculty and staff about the student-veteran transition experience so they can become campus advocates. Contact Veterans Services: for more information.

military club at ku

The purpose of the Military Club at Kutztown University is to serve as an advocate for student veterans and civilians by:

• Improving retention among veterans by providing a supportive environment

• Providing community service opportunities for students to continue with their lifetime of service

• Working with military unit representatives to address student veteran concerns

• Providing networking opportunities throughout the university

• Providing educational opportunities outside of the classroom to prepare veterans for their post-college careers

• Supporting veterans in the cultural transition from military service to higher education

• Keeping with the spirit of service in the United States Armed Forces, this organization is strictly apolitical and seeks only to support student veterans and not to promote one political agenda over another

• Providing support to families of veterans

Visit the Military Club's Engage page here.

online resources

SALUTE Veterans National Honor Society

"Student Veterans Guide to College Success", Accredited Schools Online

"Veterans Guide",

"Resources for Veterans Dealing with Addiction", The Recovery Village Columbus

"Veterans and PTSD", The Recovery Village