Indigenous Resources

This is not an exhaustive or final list of resources. We are continually adding and improving the list, and we welcome any suggestions for additions, changes, and edits from the community. Please feel free to email Angelica Mishra, Assistant to the Chief Diversity Officer, at with your thoughts.

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We strive to mirror the diversity of the region within the University community and ensure a culture that respects all campus constituents.

President Hawkinson
Widoktadwen Center for Native Knowledge, Reading, PA


Our mission is to promote the visibility of contemporary Native people in Berks County and beyond through community education, leadership, and activism.

In order to place Indians in the present day, we must change the false narratives surrounding the colonization of North America in order to accurately represent American Indians in formative education. Once our children have been taught that there is nothing to say about Indians after 1900, once they have learned the stereotype of the Plains Indian atop a horse and wearing a war bonnet, and once they have learned that American Indians have faded away into history, it’s hard for them to see Natives in any other light.


We envision a community within Greater Berks that embodies Native values and sees and celebrates the real contributions of Native people throughout history and in the present day.

Information from the Widoktadwen website!

museum of indian  culture, Allentown, pa

Founded in 1980, the Museum of Indian Culture is a unique member-supported, volunteer run, non-profit resource center for people of all ages to learn about Native American cultures, especially from the northeast, but also throughout the western hemisphere. Our mission is to preserve and perpetuate the authentic histories and cultural heritage of Native American peoples--past, present, and future. For over 40 years, the museum has offered educational exhibits, programs, internships, and collaborative community events for the greater Lehigh Valley and beyond. Our services set the standard for Native American education in eastern Pennsylvania.

An essential part of our mission is to embody and promote reconciliation and collaboration with federally recognized Indigenous Nations, who are involved in a variety of ways with the museum. As a Native American museum we acknowledge our responsibility to work collaboratively with Native peoples to develop educational resources, community services, and tribal opportunities--especially with those whose ancestral homelands we reside on. In 2020 the museum officially partnered with Delaware Nation from Anadarko, Oklahoma to open an extension of their Historic Preservation Office at the museum. Through this partnership we hope to foster greater public awareness of local Lenape history as well as contemporary Lenape life and culture.

Information from the Museum of Indian Culture's website!