Trainings & Workshops

Courageous Conversations Training Program

This program trains individuals to create spaces on campus where students, staff, and faculty can have open conversations without judgment. The training teaches the principles of having courageous conversations (i.e. non-violent communication) including as it relates to intersectionality (race/ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, etc.). The learning outcome for this session is for participants to be able to articulate and demonstrate the essential components for having courageous conversations. Contact: Mr. Jerry Schearer, Chief Diversity Officer.

The Safe Space Program

The Safe Space Program at Kutztown University is designed to provide education and resources to the KU campus and community members in order to keep a safe and nurturing environment, free of discrimination based on sexual orientation, sexual identity, and gender identity. The purpose of this program is to provide an intro-level understanding of issues within the LGBTQ community and how they may affect students here at Kutztown, as well as basic knowledge on how to be an ally to the community.

Green Zone Training

Green Zone/Got Your Six sensitivity awareness training that educates faculty and staff about the student-veteran transition experience so they can become campus advocates. Contact Military & Veterans Services: or 610-683-4228

Social Equity Training

Bias Response, Student Activism, and Free Speech Workshop