OPEIU Tuition Waiver

Tuition Waiver Benefit for "eligible" OPEIU employees

"Eligible" employee shall be defined as any permanent full-time employee in an active pay status. There is no waiting period for children tuition waiver (BOG policy 1984-03-A).  For the employees themselves, nurses have to clear probation (6 months unless extended in writing) under KU policy A&F 20.  Certain leave statuses can result in loss of tuition waiver eligibility.  Eligibility is determined at the start of each semester.  A "pre-approved" tuition waiver does not guarantee payment if your status changes.  Employees who lose eligibility will be responsible for payment or repayment of tuition if applicable.

Employee - Print form (paper submission is still required)

Due to the complexity of approvals, we are unable to support online submission for employee tuition waivers.

"Eligible" OPEIU employees are entitled to total waiver of tuition for job-related undergraduate courses at the University where employed on a space-available basis (NO INDEPENDENT STUDY/INDIVIDUALIZED INSTRUCTION COURSES) providing the employee has completed their probationary period, had satisfactory performance evaluations, and has a positive leave balance. The total number of undergraduate credits that may be taken shall be limited to 6 credits per semester. If the course(s) require an adjustment to the normal work schedule, the employee is required to submit a plan to make up any work time used. This plan must be approved by the employee's supervisor. The supervisor must further certify that the selected course(s) provides job-related training and that taking the course(s) will not result in additional costs to the University.

The tuition waiver form does not constitute registering for classes.  Its sole purpose is for Human Resources to verify benefit eligibility.  The student must register for classes through the University's admission process at the Admission Center or the Office of the Registrar in addition to completing the tuition waiver form.

Children - Online Form (electronic submission)

Children of "Eligible" OPEIU employees are entitled to total waiver of tuition at the University where the employee is employed on a space-available basis (NO INDEPENDENT STUDY/INDIVIDUALIZED INSTRUCTION COURSES) until the children reach the age of 25 or obtain their first undergraduate degree, whichever comes first. Employee must provide proof of age for the child if applying for a waiver for this child for the first time.