SCUPA Time Sheet

Instructions to complete SCUPA time sheets

***Please note, effective February 9, 2013, all SCUPA employees must complete time sheets while SAP is being updated. Human Resources will inform SCUPA supervisors when the 40-hour work schedules are available in SAP. 

The instructions below will guide you in completing a time sheet. For your convenience, see Payroll Calendar to the right to view the calendar. See a visual guide.

1. Only the first section of the time sheet needs to be completed.

2. Complete your name and personnel number. 

3. Enter the dates of the workweek; the workweek runs Saturday to Friday. The first date entered should be Saturday, and the last date entered is Friday.   

***Please note even though only one day may have been changed, you must still complete the hours worked for the entire work week. 

4. There are 3 start and end columns that need to be completed. 

In the first set of columns, the start and end time of the work day is entered.

In the second set is of columns, the start and end time for your lunch break is entered. The third set of columns is completed if you take an additional unpaid break.

5. In the "Notes and Comments box," please enter the purpose of the schedule change- for example, "Greek program;" or "Financial Aid Night."

6. The employee signs and dates the bottom and the supervisor signs and dates the form.

7. The employee turns the time sheet to Human Resources Center. Time sheets must be received in Human Resources no later than the close of business Monday. Please note that time sheets are to be completed after you have worked. For example, the work week Saturday, February 9 through Friday, February 15; time sheets need to be received by Human Resources Monday, February 18. 

There are several options to turn in the time sheet.

  • Bring it to the Human Resources Center before the close of business on Monday. 
  • Fax/Scan to Payroll at 610-683-4881
  • If you are unable to obtain your supervisor's signature, you may have the supervisor approve your hours by sending it as an email attachment with the supervisor's email approval. Email should be sent to

***Please note, time sheets are official employment records and deliberate falsification of such records can result in disciplinary action. 

Comp Slips
If a SCUPA employee works beyond 40 hours in a work week, a comp slip must be submitted. The comp slip should be attached to the time sheet of the work week in which the comp time was earned.

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