About Us


The New Student Orientation Programs addresses the holistic needs of each incoming student to create a foundation of success.  

Based on the core value that each person matters, NSO achieves this by:

  + Cultivating strategic partnerships across campus

  + Promoting an environment of personal responsibility

  + Promoting inclusivity, equity and justice

  + Partnering with parents and families

  + Preparing and empowering student leaders to serve the campus community

  + Striving to be innovative in meeting the needs of new students and families


1. To create an atmosphere that minimizes anxiety, promotes positive attitudes, and stimulates an excitement for learning.

2. To facilitate the academic advising, placement testing, course registration process, and student services.

3. To cultivate an inclusive environment which helps students and families to understand and embrace cultural diversity and appreciation of others.

4. To provide opportunities for new students and families to meet faculty, staff, and current students.

5. To provide employment, leadership, and learning opportunities for undergraduate students as orientation leaders.


By participating in our orientation programs, students should achieve the outcomes listed below:

1. Academic Success.

   Identify skills, university and college resources, and policies that promote academic success and engagement in co-curricular learning experiences.

2. Connection to Campus.

     Develop a sense of community with fellow students, faculty and staff by engaging in shared experiences.

3. Community Expectations.

     Examine the role of personal responsibility as it applies to the University's academic and behavioral expectations. 

     Identify behaviors and resources that promote personal and community well-being and safety.

4. Transition to the University environment.

     Demonstrate the ability to navigate the day-to-day functions of collegiate life by utilizing the available resources.

5.  Student Leader Development.

     Apply effective leadership skills in interactions with students, families, New Student Orientation Program staff and campus partners.

     Utilize knowledge of campus to address the transitional needs of new students and families.