About Us


The New Student Orientation Office coordinates and implements all undergraduate orientation programs to introduce students to the concepts of academic success and co-curricular enrichment. Orientation programs provide opportunities for parents and family members to support their student's transition. These programs are planned in collaboration with academic and student service units who share the responsibility for welcoming new students and their parents and family members.


1. To create an atmosphere that minimizes anxiety, promotes positive attitudes, and stimulates an excitement for learning.

2. To facilitate the academic advising, placement testing, course registration process, and student services.

3. To cultivate a more inclusive environment while helping students to understand and embrace cultural diversity and appreciate others.

4. To provide opportunities for new students and families to meet faculty, staff, and current students while transitioning to the changes associated with higher education.

5. To provide employment, leadership, and learning opportunities for undergraduate students as orientation leaders.


As a result of participation in orientation programs, entering first-year and transfer students will:

1. Assist new students in making the transition from their previous environment to KU.

2. Acquaint new students with the mission, objectives, and services of the university.

3. Provide students and their families with an opportunity to interact with other students, faculty, and staff of KU.

4. Enable students to feel connected to KU and excited to be a part the campus community.