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Post-Master Licensure and Certification


For those with a Master's degree from a CACREP accredited program in Counseling, the Department of Counselor Education offers coursework needed to complete the requirements for Licensed Professional Counselor and/or Marriage and Family Therapist. The State Board of Social Workers, Marriage and Family Therapists and Professional Counselors reviews applicants' materials and determines what coursework, if any, is needed to meet the educational requirements for the Licensed Professional Counselor and/or Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. The State Board is the only entity that can determine if a candidate has met all the requirements for licensure.  Therefore, applicants pursuing this option must contact the Licensing Board prior to application. Once the State Board has assessed your coursework and identified what classes you will need to become licensure eligible, the applicant will provide the Department with a list of courses required.  


For those students who already possess a Kutztown University Master's degree in Counseling and are interested in pursuing certification as a School Counselor in the state of Pennsylvania, please contact the Graduate Admissions Office. After application, the Department of Counselor Education will review your educational background and advise you on what classes you will need to complete to become certification eligible. Contacting the Pennsylvania Department of Education may be recommended as a first step in this process.  

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