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KUCC Kutztown Composition Conference April 14, 2021  Graphic: "New Normal"  The KUCC invites all students to submit abstracts for the Spring Compsition Conference. This conference will be held remotely with a variety of presentation options: live Zoom panel presentations, posters, written work of any genre including essays and creative wrting, pre-recorded panels and digital media. https://tinyurl.com/y4u9a3hs

What is normal anymore?

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This year’s composition conference theme “New Normals” encourages student authors to reexamine the concept of “normal,” and investigate what norms may be in the process of changing in our local and global communities. This theme is intended to open new avenues of inquiry into understanding the course of our often disorienting world, as well as provide ways to redirect and reshape it through composition.

Of course, writing and sharing our work is not without challenges in today’s world. In response, this year’s conference will attempt to accommodate a range of composition formats in a combination of synchronous and asynchronous modalities. We will be accepting pre-recorded panels and will also have live-recorded panels on April 14, 2021, the day of the conference. Traditional papers as well as various other forms of composition may include the following:

  • Live Zoom Panel Presentations or Brief Talks of 15 minutes or less
  • Live Zoom Readings (paper, poetry, short creative nonfiction, etc.)
  • Live Zoom Freeform Roundtable Discussions
  • Written Work of any Genre Posted on the Conference Website
  • Posters Displayed on the Conference Website
  • Video or Audio Prerecorded Presentations
  • Prerecorded Panel Presentations
  • Digital Media Projects
  • …And more

The KUCC invites writers to submit compositions in any genre, for a variety of audiences.

Though we welcome submissions on any theme, we particularly encourage submissions that explore any aspect of the theme “new normal” including questioning norms and the concept of “normal” in relation to disabilities studies, queer theory, the Black Lives Matter movement and issues of racial justice and representation, literature, education, technology, and more. You may also predict what future “normals” may result from our current social environment, or what may remain the same.

Help us celebrate student writing by participating in this year’s KUCC! All Kutztown University students who are enrolled in an English Composition, Literature, or Professional Writing course in Fall 2020 or Spring 2021 are encouraged to submit course projects to the conference.