ENU Course Descriptions

Secondary Education programs in the English Department

  • ENU 405WICT: Teaching Writing

    This course focuses on the roots of composition in classical rhetoric, research into composition problems and devices and techniques that lead to effective instruction in composition

  • ENU 407: Teaching Literature

    This course focuses on the understanding of the various forms, their development and proliferation, along with instruction in newer methods of teaching literature at the high school level. This course is taught at both the undergraduate and graduate level.

  • ENU 511: Writing Workshop for Teachers

    This course is designed to support the teaching of writing and to encourage teachers to write. Students will write and respond to writing in a mutually supportive community of peers. Participants will be immersed in the various stages of the writing process, specifically pre-writing heuristics, drafting, peer tutoring, and editing. Journal writing, formal evaluation, and informal methods of responding to student writing will be included.

  • ENU 521: The English Curriculum

    This course will examine curriculum development in the secondary English program, focusing especially on current theory and examples. (This course was designed specifically for Summer Institutes in the Teaching of Writing).

  • ENU 522: Teaching Writing Across the Curriculum

    Intended for secondary teachers of all subjects, this course reviews recent research and composition theory, and explores effective, practical strategies for developing learning through writing in all disciplines.