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What do Game of Thrones, The Avengers, TMZ, The New York Times, Amazon, and every web site you visit including this page have in common? They all rely on professional writers to craft their narratives, scripts, informational copy, and promotional content.


There is perhaps no degree more versatile than Professional Writing. Writers work in every industry, government agency, and influential institution. They are behind the content and branding of all entertainment media. They write news stories, technical documents, podcasts, user manuals, games, novels, poetry, social media, screenplays, grants, reviews, analyses, and so much more. During every waking hour of every day we’re surrounded by skillfully crafted language produced by professional writers.


Professional Writing majors at Kutztown University begin their careers with WRI 100—Reading and Writing in the Professions, building a solid foundation in critical analysis, drafting, and editing. Next, they take core classes in copy editing, technical writing, journalism, and creative writing. From there, they choose electives from a wide array of specialty areas like public relations, information design, magazine writing, investigative journalism, and fiction writing that blend practical acumen with creative dynamism.

Professional Writing majors are encouraged to further hone their writing skills with minors and coursework in related fields like English, Public Relations, Communications, Social Media Studies, Marketing, History, Political Science, and modern languages like Spanish, French, and German. The result: writers who approach a broad range of professional writing situations with confidence and skill.


Because hands-on experience in a professional setting is essential to a professional writer’s development, the professional writing degree culminates in a directed internship. Supported by hands-on advisement, you’ll work alongside professionals in business, publishing, journalism, nonprofit, and other organizations where writers are in demand, producing content, articles, promotional materials, reports, and other exemplary writing artifacts to utilize later in your job search; gaining hands-on editing experience; and making valuable connections that can lead to employment opportunities.

  • Internship Opportunities

    Kutztown University Professional Writing students have recently interned at:

    • Allentown Art Museum
    • Alliance for Sustainable Communities
    • Animal Rescue League of Berks County
    • Autumn House Press
    • Berks-Mont Newspapers
    • The Borgen Project
    • City of Philadelphia
    • Greater Lehigh Chamber of Commerce
    • Harrisburg Magazine
    • Hawk Mountain Sancutary
    • Main Line Today Magazine
    • McSweeney’s Magazine
    • NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund
    • Philadelphia Magazine
    • Reading Public Museum
    • Rodale Institute
    • Trenton Area Soup Kitchen
    • Wunderkind PR
  • Sample Careers
    • Script Writer
    • Public Affairs Director
    • Executive Assistant
    • Social Media Marketer
    • Media Director
    • Public Information Officer
    • Publicist
    • Social Media Analyst
    • Technical Content Writer
    • Editor/Writer
    • Reporter
    • Marketing Director
    • Sales Manager
    • Web Developer
    • Author
    • Education Administrator
    • Training and Development
    • Fundraiser
    • Social and Community Service
    • Public Relations Specialist
    • Grant Writer
    • Development Specialist
  • Alumni Employment

    Professional Writing Program alumni secure jobs after graduation: 

    Malik Hood, 2020, Insight, Service Desk Analyst

    James Willey, 2018, Sharp/UDG Healthcare, Documentation Control Associate

    Katie Bahr, 2018, FCB Health, NY, Copywriter

    Darren DuHadaway, 2018, GillespieHall, Public Relations Strategist

    Dallas Ernst, 2018, AAA Northeast, Content Producer

    Marybeth Peluzzo, 2018, Mullen, Coughlin, LLC, Marketing and Administrative Assistant

    Jesse Stayer, 2018, Data Conversion Laboratories, Electronic Editor

    Justin Sweitzer, 2018, Pennsylvania Legislative Services, Harrisburg Bureau Chief

    Zoe Heller, 2017, Brand Revive, Brand Manager

    Ashley Kilroy, 2017, The MENTOR Network, Therapeutic Staff Support

    Marcus Noll, 2017, Maxim Healthcare Group, Recruiter II

    Gabriella Ciaccio, 2016, Corbett, Inc., Marketing Assistant

    Joshua Herring, 2016, Vistacom, Marketing Communications Specialist

    Christa Lagler, 2016, Purple, Content Author

    Julian Ruiz, 2016, Clemens Food Group, Communications Specialist

    Amanda Bieganski, 2015, Tower Marketing, Project Coordinator

    Dale Bond, 2014, ProtoCAM, Digital Marketing Director

    Zach Campbell, 2014, Red Ventures, Product Manager

    Dalia Shehata, 2014, PPL Electric Utilities, Senior Talent Specialist

    Philip Baily, 2013, Ideal Concepts, Inc., Content Coordinator

    Kristy Birchard, 2013, Medable, Inc., Project Coordinator

    Nadia A. Gonzalez, 2012, Townsquare Interactive, Marketing Strategist

    Zachary Bodack, 2012,  Global DMS, Marketing Manager

    Jennifer Potter, 2012, Bradshaw Home, Brand Marketing and Reputation Manager

    Megan Fuchsel, 2011, Freelance Copywriter 

    Jackie Brusch, 2011, Mobiquity Inc., Senior Manager, Marketing

    Christina J. Steffy, 2009, Alvernia University, Library Director

    Jean-Bernard Hyppolite, 2008, Kapsul, Community Manager

    Yolanda McCleary, 2008, Year Up, Employment Placement Manager

    Christine Nestor, 2008, Miller Ingenuity, Marketing and Digital Communications Specialist

    Brian Kullman, 2007, Vanguard, Multimedia Communications Specialist

    Megan Dubrowski, 2005, KPMG US, Director, Corporate Communications

    Anne Ryan, 2001, Lehigh Carbon Community College, Assistant Professor of English


Kutztown is home to a community of writers contributing to the vibrant intellectual and social life on campus. Professional Writing majors are drivers of that community, participating as leaders in extracurricular campus organizations like:

  • The Keystone Newspaper: Daily newspaper written and edited by student journalists.
  • Her Campus Kutztown Platinum-level chapter of a national women's interest media site, which publishes opinion, reporting, and creative writing by students.
  • Essence: Student-edited annual fine arts and literary magazine that publishes student visual art, poetry, and very short prose pieces.
  • Shoofly: Student-edited annual literary magazine that publishes student poetry and short fiction.
  • KU Writing Center: Venue where professional writing students sharpen their skills by assisting writers from other majors.
  • Student Media Advisory Board: Group that coordinates the shared interests of all student media on campus.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Professional Writing (BA)
    1. Professionalism - Upon successful completion of the program, students will be able to communicate in a manner appropriate to professional environments.
    2. Writing and Design - Upon successful completion of the program, students will produce content for print and digital media.
    3. Critical Reading and Analysis - Upon successful completion of the program, students will critically analyze print and digital texts.

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