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Commercial Music

Male and female student singing on stage during performance.

Rock Ensemble I

Student on stage singing into microphone during performance. Other students are on stage singing and playing instruments.

Rock Ensemble I

A track in Commercial Music will prepare students who wish to pursue careers in recording studios, arts administration, performance of popular music, and other positions in the music industry.  Many elect to pursue a minor or a dual major in programs such as audio engineering; jazz studies; business; cinema, television and media production; communication studies; entrepreneurship; public relations; professional writing or computer science to become more marketable.

The program is offered by the Department of Music.

Kutztown University Big Band Ensemble

Jazz Ensemble I

Kutztown University Latin Ensemble group photo in practice room.

Latin Ensemble

KU Commercial Music’s combination of mentoring from renowned artists/teachers, small class sizes, diverse commercial performance opportunities, and a well-rounded academic curriculum is ideally suited to guide you to your version of professional success.

  • Large Jazz Ensembles & Jazz Combos
  • Rock Ensembles
  • Latin Ensembles

A Commercial Music degree from Kutztown University prepares students for a wide variety of opportunities in professional music with many choosing a minor or dual major to add to their employment options once they leave KU.  Among these are:

  • Audio Engineering
  • Jazz Studies
  • Business
  • Cinema, Television, & Media Production
  • Communication Studies and Marketing
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Public Relations and Marketing
Three students playing brass instruments on stage close to photographer.

Recording Opportunities
Commercial Music at KU was gifted a huge supply of recording equipment by a generous donor who heard what we were doing and wanted to help us continue, as he said, “Doing it the right way.”  Because of this generous gift, each semester Commercial Ensembles at KU make recordings that will later be available on various streaming services.  The students learn what it’s like to record in a professional studio (right here on campus) with professional engineers who are themselves graduates of KU Commercial Music.  Students are also encouraged to create their own projects which they can record right here on campus. 

Career Opportunities
Graduates may pursue a career in a wide variety of musical or commercially-related fields such as popular music performer, recording technology, music retail, arts administration, entertainment management, and other music industry positions.  A career related internship is required. Many students also continue their music studies at the graduate level.

Admission Requirements
Admission to the Department of Music requires prospective students to complete the university application. Audition results determine placement in music courses and are considered as part of acceptance to the degree program.

At the audition, candidates will be asked to discuss their musical background, career goals, musical and general areas of interest.  Preliminary diagnostic exams are taken in: (a) harmony and theory, (b) ear training, (c) sight singing, and (d) piano skills. Students may receive the university's academic admissions decision prior to the audition process. Acceptance decision to the music programs will follow shortly. 

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