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Music Business

Bachelor of Arts

The BA in Music with a track in Music Business provides practical experiences and exploration of career opportunities in the music entertainment industry through classroom study that includes technical instruction and hands-on experience. Required courses help students systematically acquire fundamental musical skills by studying basic concepts of music, learning theory through playing and singing, and becoming confident as a singer or instrumentalist in a group. Coursework from the College of Business provides a foundation in a broad spectrum of business practices, and practical music business coursework provides students with a solid grounding to be successful in the music entertainment industry. This degree is designed to support music business workforce demands that do not require significant music-making abilities.

The BA in Music with a track in Music Business does not require an entrance audition. Interested students are invited to apply for admission to the university, and to contact the Department of Music with any questions.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Music: Music Business (BA)
    1. Perform with basic competence as soloist and/or ensemble member.
    2. Identify, define and engage the elements of music in sound and/or notation.
    3. Describe current practices and historical trends in music.
    4. Demonstrate technology-based skills used in the music industry.
    5. Describe management and operating systems of the music industry.

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