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Dean of Students

The Office of the Dean of Students provides students, faculty and staff a range of resources that support student success by promoting the critical importance of civility, self-accountability, responsible decision-making and community building.  As part of the university's division of Academic and Student Affairs, our team of professionals build opportunities for students to become engaged in life outside the classroom, foster the overall development of students, enhance the learning experience for students, and value social justice and community building through intentionally designed programs and services.

Whatever your need or interest, we offer many ways to assist you and provide opportunities for learning and personal growth.  You are encouraged to take full advantage of them.

Meet the Dean of Students' Staff

Contact the Dean of Students

Student Assistance

KUBIT (Kutztown University Behavioral Intervention Team)


Student Life Resources

Student Conduct

Student Involvement Services

Counseling & Psychological Services

Center for Academic Success & Achievement (CASA)

Health & Wellness Center

Women's Center

Multicultural Center

GLBTQ Center

KUR- Campus Radio

Recreation Center

Academic Enrichment


KUBoK Neighborhood Watch

Off-Campus/Commuter Students

Housing, Residential & Dining Services

McFarland Student Union

 Community Outreach Center

Greek Life