PEBTF - Get Healthy

For Pennsylvania Employees Benefit Trust Fund (PEBTF) Members (AFSCME & SCUPA)

Chronic illness takes its toll on quality of life and increases healthcare costs. Medical conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes may be prevented or improved with lifestyle changes. This makes health and disease management programs more important than ever – to help people detect and manage illness. In addition, we need to focus on preventing these diseases by reducing smoking, increasing exercise and improving our diets.

Over the years, the PEBTF Board of Trustees has introduced benefit changes and programs to assist members in managing their health and controlling healthcare costs. Now, we all need to commit to participate in efforts to improve health and reduce costs. As part of their promise to you, PEBTF has implemented the Get Healthy program. The Get Healthy program offers you and your covered family members a variety of programs to help manage chronic medical conditions, help improve your current health status in order to possibly prevent a chronic condition, or maintain your current good health.

Through Get Healthy, each member is encouraged to play an active role in his or her health – it’s all about improving your life. Get Healthy is the PEBTF’s comprehensive health initiative to help members and their families map an effective route for healthier living.

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