Whether you are growing an established business or drafting your first business plan, your first step should be registering to become a client & contacting your SBDC for a confidential, no cost consultation. The Kutztown University SBDC is the best choice for you because:

1. Our professional consultants are available every day of the week to help address your questions. Helping entrepreneurs like you is not a volunteer job to us, it is our profession. Therefore, we are only successful if you are successful in obtaining the financing that you need on terms that are fair and reasonable for the cash flow that your business is able to generate.

2. We have personal connections with over 50 different lending institutions/organizations and lenders in Central and Eastern Pennsylvania. We'll connect you with the most viable lenders for your project without bias at no cost to you. We help over 700 entrepreneurs like you, so we know which banks & lending organizations are currently funding small to medium sized businesses like yours.

3. We can save you valuable time by helping you structure your loan request in a way that will expedite your approval process, lower your overall cost of borrowing, and can help you review hidden fees in lender disclosure documents that could come back to cost you thousands of dollars later on at no cost to you.

4. We have former commercial lenders on our team who can help you prepare the financial projections & prepare you with a list of documents that you will need during your application process. We help you prepare for discussions with lenders by helping you prepare your budget projection, pitch and plan with a set of assumptions that any lender can easily understand at no cost to you.

5. We give you objective no cost recommendations about your financing options because we do not lend money as an organization. We have no vested interest in any specific lender or lending organization which allows us to provide you the best professional and objective consultation available to you today for free.

6. We have consulting specialists who will help you after the loan closing with no cost consulting to help you sell your products/services to government  or international buyers. If you are a technology or manufacturing company we have grants through our WEDnetPA program that will help you cover the cost of your employee training.

Contact us to register as a client or call our Client Intake Coordinator to talk/leave a message for immediate reply. You can also register online to become a client. Already a client? Then call 877-4pa-sbdc or email us at and we will help you set up a timely no cost confidential meeting with one of our finance specialists.