Career Paths

A Bachelor of Arts History program is designed to prepare students for entrance into specialized graduate programs and to assist those students who plan careers in professions such as:

  • Education
  • Law (May want to consider History w/ Paralegal Studies)
  • Business and Management
  • Government and Politics
  • Journalism
  • Museum Work
  • Research
  • Historical Preservation

The history program at Kutztown University offers an emphasis on reading, interpreting information, and expressing decisions through writing. These are the foundations for almost any future career. Business and industry commonly employ history graduates because of their advanced writing, analytic, and research skills. Visit our alumni page to see what former students have to say about their time at KU as a history major.

For a more detailed list of potential career opportunities and possible strategies for history majors:

Quotation Mark

“I specifically chose the route of history with a focus in paralegal studies because of the information I found at Kutztown. It was really helpful when I visited the history department because they had a layout of a bunch of potential careers for history majors. During my visit, I saw information on the paralegal program, and it stood out to me. Growing up, I watched a lot of law shows, and so the paralegal program really piqued my interest due to what I know and what I like to learn about. I also like how the paralegal program only requires a bachelor’s degree.”

Rebekah Schueck '20, History with Paralegal major