Course Offerings

HIS 259-010

Class flyer for Fall 2022

HIS 232CD-010

Class flyer for Fall 2022 MWF at 1pm

HIS 310

Class flyer for Fall 2022

HIS 261

Class flyer for Fall 2022

HIS 238

Class flyer for Fall 2022

HIS 121-010 and 121-020

Flyer for Fall 2022

HIS 258-010

Class flyer for Fall 2022


Class flyer for Fall 2022

HIS 034-010 and 034-020

Class flyer for Fall 2022 on TH at 9:30am or 12:00pm

Flyer for America and World War II class with Dr. Gambone during Fall 2022 with a black and white image of two American soldiers holding a sub machine gun
Flyer for Modern History of Latin Anmerica, with an image of a human face painted to look like a globe
Flyer for Constitutional History of the United States, over a closeup of the constitution, with the KU logo at the bottom left and a pocket guide to the US constitution in the bottom right
Flyer for History of Africa since 1800, over an image of an African man and woman embracing; "learn about both the successes and the problems in modern Africa"
Flyer for Europe during the reformation with Dr. Johnson, over reformation-era artwork
Flyer for American Environmental History with Dr. Reynolds over a lush forest with a flowing river
Flyer for China's Golden Age with Dr. Stanley, over a painting of a Chinese bridge full of citizens
History of France flyer with Dr. Johnson, over a painting of a French king
Flyer for Families and Personal Lives in American history, above a gallery of photos displaying families during different periods in American history


Dr. Arnold teaches about the Constitution

Did you know you could memorize the Constitution just by using your hand?

Quotation Mark

If you don’t know history, then you don’t know anything. You are a leaf that doesn’t know it is part of a tree.

Michael Crichton