Julivette Torres created this video as part of her summer '20 internship at

Internship Stories - Julivette Torres

Austin Crowley rocking on the porch of Landis Valley Farm

Internship Stories - Austin Crowley

“At Landis Valley Farm and Village Museum, I worked as an interpreter in an 1870s Victorian farmhouse furnished to replicate 1912. My responsibilities mirrored those of a tour guide; when visitors arrived at the house, I would give them an overview of the house’s architecture, furnishings, and the family who used to live there. This experience supplemented my learning in multiple ways. Of course, I learned about Pennsylvania German history and culture being there, but I also learned a lot about the late 19th and early 20th centuries since I was always surrounded by artifacts of those times. Being able to converse with fellow interpreters and museum visitors about these time periods allowed me to build my perspective on how life worked for rural farmers during this time. This internship reinforced the lesson that experiencing history is one of the best ways to study it.”

We suggest that everyone take an internship if possible. Future employers often look for some amount of experience, and having an internship on your resume will show both experience and initiative.

Dr. Michael Gabriel is our Internship Coordinator. His office is LY 146.

For more information, there is an Internship Binder in the Judy Groff Study Center - LY 151. 

Here are some examples of places where students have interned: 

  • Pennsbury Manor
  • Valley Forge National Park
  • Pennsylvania German Cultural Heritage Center at KU
  • Kutztown Area Historical Society
  • PA Heritage Foundation - PA State Archives
  • Berks History Center
  • Pine Grove Historical Society
  • Landis Valley Museum
  • Cumberland County Historical Society
  • Cranbury Arts Council
  • Representative Joseph Sestak District Office
  • Eisenhower National Historic Site

The Department of History has an Experiential Fund established to help students with an upcoming internship afford expenses that may be incurred during that internship. These expenses might be travel time, software, or something special you need to use to complete your duties for that internship.

If you have an approved upcoming internship and need help with expenses, please fill out an  Experiential Fund application here.