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Physical Sciences

The Physical Sciences Department at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania is a combination of programs dedicated to the study of the physical world around us. The department brings together many scientific disciplines to facilitate cooperative collaboration.


Astronomy is an integral part of the physics program.  Students have access to our on-campus observatory and planeterium for course work and research projects.

KU Astronomy


Biochemistry seeks to understand life processes at the level of molecules and their interaction.  Our Biochemistry program trains students for work in diverse fields, including pharmaceutical and agriculture industries, food production and technology, and basic research.

KU Chemistry


Our Chemistry program involves extensive hands-on laboratory investigations to develop the skills required for industry and graduate school.  Our B.Sc. Chemistry program is approved by the American Chemical Society.  

KU Chemistry

Environmental Science

Our Environmental Science program provides specialized training that prepares students for successful careers as environmental scientists or for graduate studies in the environmental sciences.

Environmental Science


We pride ourselves on being a small program in which every faculty member knows every geology major.  Our seven geology faculty each specialize in one of the major branches of geology, creating opportunities for students to develop a well-rounded understanding of the Earth and become expertly trained for careers as geoscientists.

KU Geology

Marine Science

Our Marine Science is a multidisciplinary approach to studying the nature of the oceans.  Marine scientists must be expert at biology, chemistry, geology, and physics so they can see how the living creatures are affected by the chemistry of their environment and the physics of ocean circulation.  

KU Marine Science


A degree in Physics opens up many career possibilities, providing highly marketable skills in the globalized and technology-driven world of today.  Our Physics program accommodates diverse career goals by offering three distinct tracks:  physics, physics engineering and astronomy.  Strong emphasis on undergraduate research and a comprehensive curriculum, make our students competitive for jobs and placements in the best graduate schools.

Peter Koufalis at CERN