Physics Program

In the Physics program at Kutztown University, we pride ourselves on fostering an open and friendly environment where the faculty is easily approachable and always ready to help. With concentrations in four specialty areas a wealth of opportunities are at your fingertips. We are dedicated to helping every student achieve his or her career goals

Some of the assets of our program include:

  • Individual access and attention from faculty
  • Small class sizes for major specific courses
  • Access to advanced laboratory facilities and equipment
  • Opportunities for undergraduate research with faculty mentors
  • Flexible curriculum
Tesla Coil discharging in a dark room

The Physics program offers a comprehensive curriculum covering all major courses of study necessary for an undergraduate degree in physics. Students have the option to concentrate in four possible areas.

One Degree, A WORLD OF possibilities
  • Physics Track
    • Physics track is intended for students who intend to pursue a career researching and teaching physics or related fields, as well as for students who want to get a general physics undergraduate degree with plans to branch out into careers that require technical and analytical skills.

  • Astronomy Track
    • Astronomy track is intended for students interested in careers in astronomy, astrophysics and related fields.

  • Engineering Physics Track
    • Engineering Physics is intended for students who plan to become engineers; the specific courses in this track will prepare the students to pursue graduate work in engineering.

  • Engineering Technology Track
    • Engineering Technology track is tailored for students interested in
      hands-on technical skills with a strong and diverse foundation in
      key scientific and engineering principles. This track prepares
      individuals to apply mathematical and scientific principles
      inherent to engineering to the management and design of
      systems, execution of new product designs, improvement of
      manufacturing processes, and the management and direction
      of the physical or technical functions of an organization.

Kutztown also has one of the lowest tuition rates of the region ( for a Bachelor's degree, while maintaining a strong competitive edge manifest in the success of our graduates in a variety of careers.