Laboratories & Facilities

Lab & Facilities

In the laboratories, students conduct experiments in mechanics, optics, electromagnetism, electronics, modern physics, and astronomy as well as numerous other individual research projects.

Our modern laboratories and facilities provide students with valuable hands-on experience with new and frequently upgraded equipment used for educational and research purposes.

    • The introductory physics lab is equipped with a wide range of instruments for conducting experiments that demonstrate and reinforce physical concepts presented in lectures. Students will work with computer-based data acquisition systems allowing real-time analysis of experimental results.
    • The electronics and optics labs are similarly equipped to allow students to conduct experiments in modern electronics and optics, using industry-standard equipment.
    • The advanced physics lab gives students the opportunity to explore in greater detail the fundamental experiments in modern physics.
    • The instrumentation lab will give students direct hands-on experience with sophisticated state-of-the-art data acquisition and sensor systems.
    • The in-house Linux computer workstations are frequently used for research by faculty and students working on numerical simulations and computations.
    • The observatory's research-grade telescope is actively used by faculty and students in astronomy courses research.
    • The state-of-the-art digital planetarium enhances the astronomy courses and is the foundation for the university's astronomy outreach program.
    • The machine shop, equipped with a lathe, mill and other metal working equipment, is used by faculty and students for various physics and engineering projects.