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January 19, 2021

Student Spotlight

Michael Mistler

Male teacher in classroom pointing at student with hand raised.

Michael is a sophomore, majoring in secondary education with a concentration in mathematics.


Why did you choose KU?

I chose Kutztown University because both my sister and dad attended college here. My sister majored in Special Education, and I was inspired to get the same education as her. I also live about twenty minutes from campus; therefore, it is not a long drive to see my family.

What made you decide on secondary Ed/math as your major?

When I was in high school, I had all fantastic teachers except for one. In this class, I helped many peers out due to the lack of quality in the teacher’s instruction. This is where I experienced the importance of teaching and motivated me to become a teacher. I selected math as my specialization because math has so much importance in everyday life. The next generation must understand all of the different applications of math there are. I wanted to be a part of that process, of teaching students the necessary skills so they can be fascinated by this fantastic subject, just like me.

What excites you about becoming a teacher?

There is this moment where the information naturally clicks for a student. I have experience this feeling all the time. It occurs when there is a vast amount of information in a lecture, and all of a sudden, everything fits together. I am excited to be the teacher in that situation. To see a student finally understand the concept because of your teaching.

You’re also into theatre, what do you like about performing in and watching productions?

I like plays and musical theatre because of the inclusive atmosphere that it brings. The cast of a show has a specific bond that is so special. I have gained the most important relationships in my life because of theatre. That is why I am incredibly thankful for this beautiful art.

How do you kind of combine the two in your everyday life (theatre and being a teacher)?

The way that I view teaching is putting on a show for my students every day. I am so excited to stand in front of my students (my audience) and teach them the importance of math with the same amount of energy I used during a live musical. Hopefully, this will motivate my students to pay attention in class and actively participate.

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