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November 23, 2022

Student Spotlight

Rotuk Rahedi

Sport Management major Rotuk smiling while seated on the stadium bleachers. In the background a team practices on the field.

Nairobi, Kenya native Rotuk Rahedi is a Sport management at Kutztown University.  He plans to graduate in December 2024.

Why did you choose KU?

 The main attraction that brought me to KU was the D1 rugby program.

Why did you choose your major?

I am a sport management major, I have always had a deep love for sport and always knew from when I was young that I would be involved in the sports industry.

What goals do you have for your major?

I am hoping to work for a sports team in one of the major leagues in the US or get an internship for a sports agency firm. I would like to be able to manage athletes, as that is something I have a big interest in pursuing.

How has KU helped you achieve/start to achieve these goals?

KU has helped me have a better understanding of the sports industry in ways I did not know before, I am excited to learn more and to be able to apply my knowledge in the real world. 

What advice would you give incoming students?

The advice I would give to incoming students: have an understanding of what you want to do after university, this allows you time to get everything you need before you start working. A lot of people struggle to stay disciplined because they do not know what they want.   

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