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July 02, 2021

Alumni Spotlight

Frankmarlin Santos '20

Male student working in art studio, adds to a sculpture.

Frankmarlin is a 2020 Kutztown University graduate of the Studio Arts Program. A Reading, Pa. native, he returned to KU in 2020-21 as an artist in residence.

Why did you choose KU? 

I chose Kutztown primarily because of the convenience of being close to home and also because of the art program. I was a transfer student and wanted an art program that focused on skill and expression and at the other university I attended, they didn’t really hit those wants. 

What made you enroll in the Studio Arts Program?

I joined the visual studio arts program to respond to the world around me and create work that was visually engaging and sparked a conversation about the world around me. Heather Ramsdale in the sculpture department helped me by allowing me to know that anything is a reality.

How has Kutztown prepared you for this career track? 

My favorite thing about Kutztown is the (experience within the) visual arts program. It is a really engaging space with in-depth conversations about every major and every world issue gets discussed and analyzed. We talk about everything you can really imagine and having such diversity in conversation is something I’ve treasured.  

What advice would you give to incoming students? 

Some advice I would give to incoming students is to surround themselves with good friends that they will find while attending Kutztown. Reach for even the most difficult spots, and for students of color, to occupy all the spaces they can, unapologetically. 

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