Academic Program Assessment

Assessment Cycle: Student Learning Outcomes - Curriculum map, defined methods and measures - criteria of success and rubrics - data collection and analysis - create plan for improvement; execute plan

2019-20 Academic Assessment Council Rubric: This rubric is being used by AAC to evaluate assessment material submitted by academic programs in 2019-20.

2019-20 Assessment Schedule

  • Fall 2019 - Carry out discussions and assessment plans. Submit assessment plan - indicate which SLOs will be assessed which semester over a three year period. Send any SLO changes to the Office of Assessment.
  • January 13 - Mid-year update due.  Respond to all items in your assessment action plan (the "Response to Data" column in your June 15, 2019 Assessment Report.)  
  • September 15 - 2019-2020 completed program assessment reports due to Deans. These reports should be a summary of all 2019-2020 assessment results and an analysis of results, including a response to the data analysis with planned improvement actions.

Assessment workshops

  • 2019-2020 - coming soon