University Surveys: Request for Approval


The Office of Assessment coordinates university surveys. Along with maintaining a schedule of university surveys, the Office of Assessment will review requests for conducting surveys that will be sent to members of the campus community. A Request for Approval form has been created for this purpose.

This change in institutional practice is based on an analysis that revealed that some groups of students were receiving a significant number of requests to complete some sort of survey. This appeared to create "survey fatigue," with the result that a large number of students were not responding to any survey requests. During the 2010-2011 academic year, for example, low response rates were found with several surveys that were extremely important to the university as they provide essential assessments of institutional effectiveness (e.g., the University Climate Survey, and National Survey of Student Engagement).

Please know that these guidelines only apply to surveys that will be sent to the campus community. The guidelines do not apply to "point of contact" surveys that are used within a specific office with those receiving assistance at the office, nor to classroom surveys, surveys of students in a specific academic program, or surveys that are conducted at the conclusion of a specific event or program.

The form for requesting approval for conducting a university survey can be found below.

Request a Survey

For more information, please contact Dr. Karen Rauch, Associate Provost for Accreditation and Assessment,