Proposal Evaluation

Assessment Grants 2024


Proposal reviewers include faculty, the Associate Provost for Accreditation & Assessment, the Provost’s Assessment Fellows, and the Director of the Office of Grants and Sponsored Projects.

Submissions will be evaluated according to the:

Proposal’s Merit

  • The degree to which the proposal advances the assessment of student learning outcomes and/or student success at Kutztown University
  • The soundness of the conceptual framework underlying the project
  • The appropriateness of the assessment methodology, including measures
  • The plan for analysis and interpretation of the project findings

Proposal’s Impact

  • The degree to which the assessment findings can be used to improve students’ learning at Kutztown University
  • The plan for disseminating project findings
  • The potential for integrating the proposed assessment practices into the on-going assessments

The Office of Assessment reserves the right to provide full funding for the proposal, to provide partial funding, to request that the applicant offer further elaboration or clarification on specific points, to suggest alternate sources of funding, or to reject the proposal.