Submission Guidelines and Obligations

Assessment Grants 2024

Submission Guidelines

You are encouraged to seek consultation on writing the proposal from the Office of Assessment prior to submission. Proposal submissions will consist of two parts:


  • Budget Totals
  • Cover sheet
  • Abstract of project (1000 character maximum)

Attachments in Word or PDF format (8 page maximum):

  • Description of proposal
    • Detailed Budget
    • Project goals and intended outcomes.
    • Project description that includes:
      • Relationship of proposed project to current assessment activities
      • Description of project and assessment method(s) that will be used
      • Description of plan for data analysis and evaluation of project outcomes
      • Details on intended use of findings for program improvement
      • Project timeline with beginning and end dates
      • Outline of project staff responsibilities
  • Supporting materials may be included in an optional appendix (not included in 8-page limit).

Proposals are due by Monday, March 1, 2024. Only complete applications submitted through our online application site will be considered. You will upload a PDF or Word document of the above proposal to the Forms portion of the KU website. Click here to visit site:

If you have questions, please contact Dr. Michele Baranczyk: e-mail:, phone: 484-646-4344.

Obligations of Funded Projects:

Please note that the use of students for learning outcomes assessment must meet Kutztown University’s protocols for the use of human subjects. Information regarding human subject research can be found on the IRB’s website at  Please contact the IRB if you have questions regarding protocols. The Office of Assessment will assist funded projects in obtaining the necessary approval.

Other specific obligations:

  • Permit your proposal Abstract to be posted on the Office of Assessment website (if the project is funded).
  • Prepare a 300-word summary of your project and findings to be posted on the Office of Assessment website.
  • After project is complete, work with the Associate Provost for Assessment and Accreditation or designee to decide if the project participants will draft a final report or present the findings of the project to the campus community.
  • Forward any published articles or external conference presentations resulting from the project to the Office of Assessment.
  • Acknowledge funding support in published articles or conference presentations. Suggested text for this acknowledgment is “This project was funded by the Kutztown University Assessment Grant Program."
  • Budget revisions or changes in the scope of the project must receive prior approval from the Office of Assessment, Grants and Sponsored Projects, and the Associate Provost for Accreditation and Assessment.
  • Use the funding exclusively for expenses directly pertinent to student-learning assessment, per the proposal.
  • If the proposed project is submitted to multiple funding sources, this fact must be acknowledged and the Office of Assessment must be informed regarding the status of the additional funding applications. If the proposed project is awarded funding from multiple sources, consultation with the Office of Assessment and the Office of Grants and Sponsored Projects will determine if adjustments to the budget are required.
  • Follow the timeline for the implementation of your project. Any changes must be approved by the Office of Assessment, Grants and Sponsored Projects, and the Associate Provost for Accreditation and Assessment.

The Office of Assessment reserves the right to provide full funding for the proposal, to provide partial funding, to request that the applicant offer further elaboration or clarification on specific points, to suggest alternate sources of funding, or to reject the proposal.