Bulk Mailings

From time to time, you may need to send large quantities of mail via USPS. Before you get too far into the planning stage, it is wise to contact the Mail Services Supervisor to discuss your mailing arrangements. The Supervisor can help ensure your mailing program is cost-effective, efficient and timely.

Brochures and Newsletters

If you are going to design a brochure or newsletter to mail, please contact Mail Services prior to completion to determine whether the material can be processed through KU's mail processing system.

Processing Bulk Mail thru KU Print Center/Alphagraphics

The KU Print Center/Alphagraphics (KU Print Center) can assist with bulk mailings of letter, brochures or other mail. To begin the process, you must forward your mailing list and project details to printcenter@kutztown.edu. After this is done, their staff will notify you of the postage cost and project charges via e-mail, including Mail Services on the reply email.

An Accounts Payable requisition naming the United States Post Office (vendor number 1013251) as the vendor must then be submitted. This requisition must include the cost of the postage only. Afterwards, forward all paperwork regarding the postage cost to the KU Procurement department. Be sure to follow the purchase release structure to ensure that all levels of authority have approved the purchase requisition. (The timeline for accounts payable check processing is approximately 2 weeks until the check is cut.)

Accounts Payable will issue a check made payable to the United States Post Office and give it to Mail Services for delivery to the Kutztown Post Office. Mail Services will then notify the requesting department and the KU Print Center that the check has been deposited at the Kutztown Post Office so they may deliver the mailing materials.