Sending Mail and Packages

USPS, UPS and FEDEX logos

Kutztown University enjoys discounted shipping rates from both the USPS and UPS. To remain fiscally responsible, it is recommended that all departments ship via these two services when possible. 

To send your package, simply place it at your mailstop for pick up by Mail Services. The team will process those items using USPS or UPS and charge the cost to your department budget. All items should be pre-labeled before being placed in the mail collection area. These packages may also be dropped off in KU Business Services located in 107 Academic Forum, provided they are under 40 pounds and no large than 30"x30". Larger or heavier packages must be taken to Mail Services in the Maintenance and Receiving Building on Baldy Street.

In addition to USPS and UPS, mail and packages can also be sent through FedEx, if necessary. 

Please be sure to address all mail and packages correctly to avoid delays or having your mail returned to you undelivered.

KU Business Services (AF 107) sells books of stamps and collects personal letters or packages you wish to mail. They also accept packages with prepaid labels no larger than 2 ft x 2ft x 2ft and weighing no more than 20 pounds. All larger packages can by dropped off at Mail Services at its Baldy Street location. You may also schedule a pickup by calling Mail Services.

Returning Packages

If you are returning a package to the sender, please have the sender provides you with a prepaid lable from UPS, FedEx or USPS when possible. Mail Services does not take any packages to the UPS Store.

Bulk Mailings

Mail Services can provide you with mail trays. Each tray accommodates between 200-500 pieces of mail, depending on the thickness of the items. They can also provide mail bins for flat envelopes or small packages which can then be picked up by scheduling a time with Mail Services.

International Mailings

Please contact Mail Services before sending out internationall packages or large mailings.