Cost-Saving Tips

  • Screen your mailing list for unnecessary names. If possible, arrange to have your address labels printed in zip code order.
  • Fold multi-page material and send it in a #10 envelope to save the extra weight and postage of a large "flat."
  • Use postcards for short messages or announcements. It is one-third cheaper than sending an envelope.
  • Combine mailings to the same person or address in one envelope.
  • Print on both sides of a page. This will reduce the weight of your piece and save on postage.
  • Use faxes when time is crucial, instead of Express mail.
  • Use Parcel Post and Book Rate as much as possible.
  • Use university-designated vendors for overnight delivery service.
  • Use following fonts to ensure your letter mail is acceptable to our pre-sort vendor.
    • Corporate Mono-Plain
    • Courier New
    • Pica-Plain
    • Prestige-Plain
    • Courier

      (All fonts must be between 10 pt and 12 pt)