Packages Received While Classes Are Not in Session

Sometime you may be expecting a package but it doesn't arrive on campus prior to you leaving for a break. What happens to that package?

The following options are provided to you for the fall, spring, winter and summer breaks:

Pick up the package over break. Students who are expecting a package to be delivered over a break may opt to pick up the package from Mail Services, once it has been received. Once received, a student has seven days to pick up the mail and packages or they will be returned to the sender.

A large storage rack containing stacks of large cardboard boxes

Forward the package to another address. Packages received from USPS, UPS and FedEx may be forwarded to another U.S. address free-of-charge. This option is not available for international packages or those delivered by DHL or LaserShip.

Have Mail Services hold the package and re-deliver it after break. If the item you are receiving is not urgently needed, you may opt to have Mail Services hold your package and re-deliver it to your residence hall after the break ends. THIS OPTION IS NOT AVAILABLE OVER SUMMER BREAK.

Items left undelivered when summer break begins will be forwarded to your permanent residence (if the information is current in MyKU) or automatically returned to sender after seven days. By returning the items to sender, you may be eligible for a refund if the package contains purchased materials.