Interoffice (Campus) Mail

Campus Mail is a free on-campus mail service that handles the collection and delivery of all official University correspondence. Providing same day to one-day delivery, it is a service made available to all University departments. 

Campus mail received bt 8:30 a.m. will be delivered the same day. 

Addressing Campus Mail

Addressing is the most important factor affecting the campus mail system. Improperly addressed envelopes cannot be delivered in a timely manner and require additional handling. Include the intended recipient's name and department. A properly formatted address would look like the following example:

Tips for Campus Mail 

  • Include the words "Campus Mail" in the upper right-hand corner of any materials that are not sent in an interoffice envelope.
  • When sending materials in used interoffice envelopes, be sure to scratch off all old addresses.
  • Separate U.S. mail from campus mail.
  • Separate international mail from domestic mail.

Campus Mail Envelopes 

Unwanted or used interoffice envelopes can be returned via campus mail to Mail Services by placing them in your outgoing mail. Please neatly bundle or box the items.

Need more used interoffice envelopes? Simply call Mail Services at 34141. Depending upon our supply, we’ll deliver them to your department. You can order new interoffice envelopes online through any approved University office supplier.