Personal Mail

Personal mail is defined as utility bills, driver's licenses, credit cards, and bank accounts not related to Kutztown University, credit union accounts, and periodicals unrelated to your job.

Receiving Personal Mail

All employees must receive personal mail at their permanent residence; KU should not be given as your permanent address unless you live on campus. The only exceptions are the Residence Hall Building Coordinators and Residence Hall Building Coordinators employed by Housing and Residential Services.

Outgoing Personal Mail

As a courtesy to university employees, Mail Services will pick up stamped personal mail from departments along with other mail that is picked up at a regular pickup location. Personal mail must be sealed and have the correct postage affixed. All stamped mail should be kept separate from all other mail.

Personal mail cannot be billed to a departmental account. There are no exceptions.

Stamps and mailing labels may be purchased from KU Business Services located in room 107 of the Academic Forum during normal business hours. Prepaid small parcels and letters may also be dropped at this location for USPS, UPS or FedEx pickup.