Resident Student Mail

Kutztown University is excited to support your residential experience by providing efficient and reliable mail and package services. Every residence hall has a mail and package center conveniently located on site for students to mail or receive flat letters or to pick up packages. Packages are received by KU Mail Services and delivered to each residence hall's front desk which then distributes packages to the recipient.

To receive your letters and packages on time, make sure your correspondents know how to address the mail they are sending to you.

A wall of mail boxes in the mail room

It is important to make sure you use the examples below as indicators of how to address your mail. Mail that is not addressed correctly (as shown below) may be delayed for days.

 "Kutztown University" should not be included in the address.

When a package arrives for you, it will be delivered directly to your residence hall, providing it is addressed correctly. From time to time, packages that are not addressed correctly will be dropped with Mail Services staff who will receive it and then deliver the package to the Residence Life staff in your residence hall after receiving it. To prevent a delivery delay, please ensure all packages area addressed to you using the format show above.

If a package does not arrive within a reasonable time frame, please contact Mail Services at
610-683-4141 or Please have your tracking number handy, if available.

Track Your Package