Philosophy and Government

Welcome to Kutztown University and the Department of Philosophy and Government (formerly the departments of Political Science and Public Administration, and Philosophy)! The department is staffed by a diverse faculty with wide experience and unique research interests. We offer a number of programs designed to meet the interests of students as well as to prepare them for the job market. Our graduates go on to law school, graduate school, and professional employment in a variety of fields.

We pride ourselves on our attention to individual student needs. Faculty are always there to help and counsel students in the many decisions they must make. Our strength is in our teaching. We are traditionally rated by our students as among the best departments at KU.

We in the Department of Philosophy and Government look forward to you joining us!

  • Mission

    The mission of the department is to provide students with a fundamental understanding of the workings of the American political system while promoting appreciation of the diversity of global political systems. The department is committed to providing an education at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, which equips our students for professional success while promoting the values of good citizenship, participation in the political process, and the practical skills of administration and governance. The department seeks to incorporate an understanding of the uses of technology, the interpretation and evaluation of data, and the interrelationship between theory and practice in the fields of political science and public administration. With course offerings in political science and philosophy the department promotes an integrated view of the relationship between ethical debate and social organization, and emphasizes the value of dialogue and critical thinking in the public sphere.