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Political Science

Bachelor of Arts, Minor, and Paralegal Studies Option

Political science students study U.S. politics, international affairs, domestic developments in other parts of the world, and political theory. They address issues like social justice, power relationships, and the meaning of liberty and fairness. The Department of Philosophy and Government offers a Bachelor of Arts and minor in Political Science. The major can also be combined with an American Bar Association (ABA) approved Paralegal Studies program, which is offered in collaboration with Lehigh Carbon Community College (LCCC).

In their studies, political science students cultivate their analytical and writing skills, which prepares them for a broad range of careers including administrative positions in government, community organizations, electoral politics, or organizations working on behalf of specific policies. Graduates often pursue careers in business, law, consulting, state, local, and federal government, journalism and communications, international organization, finance, polling and campaign management, community service and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

Political Science Major (36 credits)

The political science major is 36 credits, which includes four core courses covering the American government, political theory, international relations, and comparative politics subfield; two research methods courses; and senior seminar. Students then select across a wide range of upper-division courses offered across the discipline, which include (full course catalog):

  • American Foreign Policy
  • Constitutional Law: Civil Liberties and Civil Rights
  • Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure
  • Environmental Policy and Law
  • Politics of Latin America
  • Politics, Sex, and Gender
  • Public Opinion and Propaganda
  • Social Movements and Revolutions
  • The Causes of War

At KU you’ll have all the opportunities and resources of a large university, but with the personalized attention of a small class sizes. 

Paralegal studies option (36 major + 21 PLG credits)

Political science majors can elect to complete an ABA approved paralegal studies program, which is taught in coordination with LCCC. The paralegal studies program requires the completion of 21 PLG credits in addition to the POL major credit requirement. Students that opt for this program often enter the paralegal profession or attend law school after graduation. The program boasts a ~90% career placement rate. 

political science minor (18 credits)

Students opting for the political science minor complete 18 credits of coursework. The minor requires students to complete the core course in American politics and either the core course in international relations or state & local government. Twelve credits of electives complete the minor. 

Student Learning Outcomes

  • BA Political Science
    1. Students will be able to describe and to explain the various institutions and functions of the US government, as well as critique the basic principles of liberty, equality, and rights within our framework of democracy.
    2. Students will be able to demonstrate knowledge of the means of inquiry in the social sciences. This includes the ability to identify appropriate methodology, perform basic data analyses/interpretation, and read/interpret visual examples of data (charts/tables, etc.) commonly found in Political Science literature.
    3. Students will demonstrate knowledge of other political systems worldwide and different institutions and culture. This also includes an ability to describe international interactions among states and non-state actors.

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