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Dr. Richard Swinburne standing with notes at podium with Dr. Joseph Jedwab behind assisting.

Swinburne (front) delivers his talk, "Are We Bodies or Souls?", with Dr. Jedwab (back) assisting.

Swinburne Talk 2022

The department was pleased to host Richard Swinburne, Emeritus Professor of the Philosophy of the Christian Religion at Oxford University, on October 11. 

Dr. Swinburne delivered a talk (abstract below) to a full audience of students and faculty. 

Are We Bodies or Souls?

Many think that we are just complicated machines, or animals that are different from machines only by being conscious. Swinburneargues that we are immaterial souls sustained in existence by our brains. Sensations, thoughts, and intentions are conscious events in our souls that cause events in our brains. While scientists might discover some of the laws of nature that determine conscious events and brain events, each person's soul is an individual thing, and this is what ultimately makes us who we are.

Person standing at KU podium with screen projecting New Pennsylvania Project behind
PPSA 2022

The Department of Philosophy and Government hosted the 83rd annual meeting of the Pennsylvania Political Science Association on Friday, April 1, 2022. Over 100 faculty members and students attended from across the state and presented research across almost 20 sessions. The keynote speaker was Kadida Kenner (pictured), Executive Director of the New Pennsylvania Project, who spoke on the importance of voter registration and judicial independence on Pennsylvanian democracy.

Dr. Allan Bäck and Dr. Kristin Bremer presented "The Judo of Putin"

Dr. Paula Holoviak, Department of Philosophy and Government, was a panelist on the round table, “Issues in Pennsylvania Politics."

 Michael Alberto, double major in philosophy and political science (KU class of ’24), presented, “The Non-Aligned Movement and Its Implications for the Global South."

Community Engagement

On Monday, March 28, 2022, Jennifer Haas (BA Political Science '20; MPA '23) and Xavier Kellam (BS Public Administration '23) spoke to residents of Topton, PA on issues related to federal, state, and local government. 

Topton community members seated facing right. Female student presenter in foreground facing left. Male student presenter in background. Projected screen with slide that says "Why do you pay so much in taxes?" behind student presenters.
Image of cover of Routledge Book Fixing American Politics
Faculty Publication

Dr. Glenn Richardson recently published a chapter, "Make Ads Safe for Democracy" in Fixing American Politics: Solutions for the Media Age published by Routledge. 

More details and purchasing options can be found on the publisher website by clicking here

Pennsylvania Political Science Conference at KU

The Pennsylvania Political Science Association is hosting its 2022 annual conference at Kutztown University, Friday, April 1, 2022. The Department of Philosophy of Government is sponsoring the conference. 

Department of Philosophy and Government

Effective January 3, 2022, the Departments of Philosophy and Political Science & Public Administration have merged into the Department of Philosophy and Government. Dr. Steve Lem will serve as chair through May 2023.