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What type of students study Philosophy?

  • Questioners—Philosophical questions are challenging logical puzzles.
  • Debaters—Arguing a point, whether about fairness, politics, society, or anything else requires clarity of thought. If you enjoy discussing issues, Philosophy is a natural major for you.
  • Generalists—Maybe you’re a person who’s interested in multiple subjects but you aren’t quite ready to limit yourself to one field. Philosophy explores them all.
  • Activists—Philosophical reflection sometimes produces deep convictions about issues that impact liberty, equality and human rights. Some realize they want to help change the world, not just understand it.

The study of philosophy, perhaps more than any other discipline, develops abilities to think and communicate clearly, critically, and creatively. These abilities are essential to managing your life well. They also are in great demand in any profession. Because the skills are highly transferable, the Philosophy program prepares a student for nearly any area of work: law, business, public service, publishing, medicine, ministry, or teaching. The study of philosophy is a great complement for majors in other disciplines. The foundations of computer science were laid by logicians and philosophers along with mathematicians. Natural sciences like biology and physics have their roots in philosophy. The same goes for psychology, political science, economics and law.

When you choose Philosophy as a minor, your individual interest and goals will receive personalized attention from KU Philosophy faculty.

In addition to our strong commitment to teaching, the Philosophy Department is one of the most active departments at the university doing research with plenty of opportunity for hands-on student participation. The Philosophy Student Association or "Philosophy Club" is also very active and provides a forum which brings both national and international scholars to the university for visiting lectures. Students in the club regularly present papers at regional philosophy conferences and publish their work in undergraduate philosophy journals.

KU Philosophy alumni are all around us, living fascinating lives and doing amazing things around the state, the nation and the world. Take a look.


The Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy program is no longer accepting new students.

Quotation Mark

The Philosophy Department at Kutztown is filled with outstanding professors who are passionate and gifted in their subjects with each professor valuing a close relationship with students. I had the privilege to attend an assortment of classes. Their Religious Studies concentration was concrete, both vast and specific, focusing on all the current topics in religion which prepared me to be a well-rounded Seminary student. I owe many thanks to the Philosophy Department at Kutztown University

Jason Fetherolf '07, graduated from Biblical Seminary with an MA in Missional Theology

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Philosophy (BA)
    1. Students will be able to demonstrate the ability to construct arguments for a philosophical thesis and write a substantive essay.
    2. Students will be able to demonstrate knowledge of the basics of symbolic logic.
    3. Students will be able to demonstrate knowledge of the history of philosophy.
    4. Students will be able to demonstrate ability in philosophical research.
    5. Students will be able to demonstrate an understanding of the traditional branches of philosophy and some of the leading problems and figures in each.
    6. Students will be able to demonstrate the ability to analyze and advance arguments dealing with ethical issues.
    7. Students will develop skills in reading and understanding philosophical texts.

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