Philosopher's Index

The Philosopher's Index indexes and abstracts books and journals of philosophy covering the areas of ethics, aesthetics, social philosophy, political philosophy, epistemology, and metaphysic logic. Updated quarterly. Coverage 1940 to the present.

The Philosopher's Index is the largest index of modern philosophical works, but it is only an index. While there are some full-text articles available, most articles or books listed on the index will need to be acquired through the Library's 'article request' service.

To access the Philosopher's Index from the campus networkclick here

To access the Philosopher's Index from home:

  1. Go to Kutztown's library's web page
  2. Under 'Find Information' click 'Articles and E-journals'
  3. Under the 'Subject List of Databases' select Philosophy
  4. The second link from the bottom will be for the Philosopher's Index.
  5. From here you will need to enter the large number under your name on your student ID card

Once you've found an article of interest, use the article request service. Your article will normally be emailed to you a few days after the request is put in.