Anthropological study can provide valuable skills, which can be translated into careers in social services, international affairs, cultural events, and museum and education work, as well as careers in public service and private businesses.

  • Sociocultural Anthropology - Seeks to understand the internal logic of societies through ethnography.
  • Archaeology - Retrieves artifacts from the past and places them in context to understand our history and its relevance for today.
  • Physical Anthropology - Traces our biological origins, evolutionary development, and genetic diversity.
  • Linguistic Anthropology - Seeks to explain the very nature of language and its use by humans.
  • Medical Anthropology - Seeks to better understand factors that influence people's health and well being.
  • Forensic Anthropology - Seeks to identify skeletal, or otherwise decomposed, human remains.
  • Business Anthropology - Helps businesses gain a better understanding of their activities and customers.
  • Visual Anthropology - Documents everyday life through film making.
  • Environmental Anthropology - Believes that the well-being of the environment goes hand in hand with the well-being of people.
  • Museum Anthropology - Interprets ethnographic and archaeological collections to the general public.

 Resource links:

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  • The American Anthropological Association's Career resources for anthropologists
  • Kutztown University's Career Development Center has a number of resources to assist students in exploring and preparing for possible career paths in Anthropology.

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