Senior Portfolio

A portfolio is an e-file turned in through D2L containing papers and exams drawn from your classes in the Program.  The goal in choosing papers and exams to include in the portfolio is to show that you have met Sociology Program goals.  The goals of the Program require students to demonstrate.  

  • a familiarity with sociological subfields.
  • an ability to summarize and apply basic theoretical orientations in sociology.
  • an understanding of the ways in which sociologists gather, interpret, and evaluate data.
  • a broad perspective on the social significance of diversity and inequality, focusing on class, gender, age, race, and ethnicity.
  • an ability to think critically, analytically, and logically about social issues and social problems, using the sociological perspective.

Certain papers and exams are required.  These must be included in your portfolio:

  • your final project from SOC 350 Methods of Social Research
  • one essay exam from SOC 310 Foundations of Social Theory
  • your independent project from SOC 380 Senior Seminar
  • at least one paper or essay exam from other sociology courses you have taken
  • a resume appropriate to your job search

Papers will be evaluated for writing and content.  Writing includes issues of sentence structure, spelling, punctuation, agreement of subject and verb, and use of pronouns. Content includes clarity of ideas and organization.

You are to write a cover letter to appear at the beginning of the portfolio, listing the items you have included and how each of these serves as evidence that you have achieved the goals of the Program.

Your portfolio will be constructed in connection with SOC 380, Senior Seminar in Sociology, and must be submitted to a Sociology Program faculty committee by the announced due date the last semester of your senior year to graduate with a sociology major from Kutztown University.