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Academic Programs

B.S. in Mathematics

  • *NEW* Checksheet (120 credits) for students starting the B.S. Mathematics program in Fall 2018 or later (coming soon!)
  • Checksheet (120 credits) for students who started the B.S. Mathematics program before Fall 2018

The Department of Mathematics offers a broad range of courses, which provide a solid preparation for students with a wide spectrum of needs: from those who wish to pursue further studies in mathematics or related subjects, to those who wish to find highly-rewarding jobs in industry.

Minor in Mathematics

Checksheet (21 credits)

Employers seek employees with the problem-solving skills that are found in mathematics courses.  Students who wish to be competitve in their various careers may want to strengthen their mathematical background by pursuing a minor in mathematics.

Minor in Actuarial Science

Checksheet (18 credits)

Actuaries are business professionals who deal with the financial impact of risk and uncertainty.  They analyze, manage, and measure the financial implications of future risk, as well as develop and validate models and communicate results to guide decision-making.  This program helps students develop the fundamental knowledge and skills vital to meeting the demands of an actuarial career, as well as prepares students for two of the required national actuarial exams.  

Click here for more information about minoring in Actuarial Science!


B.S. in Secondary Education

  • Mathematics

    Checksheet (120 credits)

  • Physics and Mathematics

    Checksheet (128 credits)

  • Mathematics with dual certification in Special Education

    Checksheet (141 credits)

The Department of Secondary Education and the Department of Mathematics co-administer degrees designed to prepare students to become middle, junior high, and high school mathematics teachers in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

M.S. in Secondary Education/Mathematics

The Master of Science in Secondary Education with a Mathematics concentration is designed for in-service secondary school mathematics teachers pursuing further study in mathematics, mathematics education, and educational areas relating to their profession.  The program ultimately consists of a minimum of 30 semester hours. A comprehensive examination is required. All courses are three semester hours, except the thesis. All students accepted into this program must complete all requirements within six calendar years.