Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

What is FERPA?

The purpose of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act is to define the rights of students and parents in regard to student educational records, and to regulate the use of these records by university personnel.

This section contains Kutztown University's policies, descriptions of what constitutes student educational records, and definitions of the scope of access to these records by university personnel.

Please note that this section does not describe the overall KU policy on FERPA, but explains how the university follows that policy in various activities.

  • Important Links and Forms
  • The Basics of FERPA
        • FERPA prohibits the disclosing of student records to anyone other than the student to whom the records pertain, unless the student has given consent.
        • FERPA protects transcripts, exams, grades, "academic" records, but also all other records in any format that contain personally identifiable information about a student.
        • Other records protected by FERPA include disciplinary records, "unofficial" records, photographs, and emails.
        • "Personally identifiable information" includes names, addresses, ID numbers as well as demographic information such as gender, age, major, class year, and residence.
  • Exceptions

    It is best to assume that all records concerning students are covered unless a student is sure that they are not. However, there are some exceptions to the nondisclosure agreement which enable the University to conduct its business and make appropriate disclosures without the student's consent.
    These exceptions include:

        • Disclosure of educational records to university officials with legitimate educational interest.
          A university official is a person employed by the university in an administrative, supervisory, academic, research or support staff position. This includes campus police, Health Center staff, a person or company with whom the university has contracted as its agent to provide services, a person serving on the Council of Trustees, or a student assisting another university official in the performance of official duties serving on an official university committee.
        • The University may disclose, with appropriate discretion, "directory information" about a student to anyone.
          "Directory information" includes a student's name; local, home, and email addresses; local and home telephone number; major field of study; dates of attendance; anticipated degree and degree date; degrees, honors, and awards received.
  • Third-Party Requests

    Information contained in a student's educational record may only be sent to third party requesters outside the university if a written and dated request is made by the student subject to exceptions under FERPA. Please direct your record request to the appropriate office, listed below:



    Academic Record
    (Transcripts - Undergraduate & Graduate)
    University Registrar's Office
    115 Stratton Administration Bldg
    Academic Standing University Registrar's Office
    115 Stratton Administration Bldg
    Americans With Disabilities Act Director of Disability Services-ADA
    215 Stratton Administration Bldg
    Admissions Center, Director of Admissions
    15187 Kutztown Road
    Vice Provost/Dean of Graduate Studies
    15205 Kutztown Road
    Financial Aid Director, Financial Aid Services
    209 Stratton Administration Bldg
    Health/Medical Records Health & Wellness Center, Manager
    120 Beck Hall
    Counseling Health & Wellness Center
    125 Beck Hall
    Student Conduct Records Dean of Students Office,
    Associate Dean of Students

    119 Stratton Administration Bldg

    Student Billing Office of Student Accounts
    225 Stratton Administration Bldg