Information for Veterans and Military Affiliated Students

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Students are able to use monetary benefits from the Veterans Affairs Department to help pay for their education. Use the links below to see how the process works and if you could potentially benefit from your time or a family member’s time in the service.

For inquiries for the School Certifying Official, please contact:

Susan Kopecky

Registrar's Office

Stratton Administration Building Room 115

(610) 683-1571

Kate Peffley

Registrar's Office

Stratton Administration Building Room 115

(610) 683-4505

  • Getting Started - Applying for Benefits

    Visit the Kutztown Admissions' Veteran page for a step-by-step application process for military members and veterans and their families.

    For assistance in applying for your benefits through the Veterans Administration please visit the VA's website

    Contact the Veteran's Affairs Education Center at 1-888-442-4551 to find out what benefits you may qualify for and how to apply for those benefits. 

  • How will my benefits affect my bill?

    Visit the Kutztown Military Funding and Aid page for a breakdown of the most popular benefits and how they affect the student's bill. 

    For a more in-depth understanding of the bill please contact Wendy Pursell - Student Accounts. 

    Wendy Pursell – Director of Student Accounts

    Stratton Administration Center Rm 225A


  • Veterans and Dependents of Veterans Forms

    VA Check Sheet (PDF) 

     - This check sheet is designed to assist first semester students with gathering all the information the School Certifying Official will need to have in their file. 

    Veterans Services Enrollment Certification Request Form (PDF)

    - This form will need to be completed and returned to the School Certifying Official every semester that a student wishes to use their benefits. 

    Veteran Priority Registration Form

    - A veteran student who is not receiving benefits but has self-identified as a veteran is responsible for providing documentation (i.e. DD214 Member 4 copy) to the Kutztown University Registrar's Office showing that he or she was discharged or released from such service under conditions other than "dishonorable," in order to be eligible for early registration. 

    The policy regarding the above registration guidelines can be found here

  • Military Credit Equivalencies

    How do I get my Joint Service Transcript? 

    -Login (

    Course Taken    Course Equivalent 
    Aviation Meteorology  NTSE 890
    Basic AC/DC Circuits  PHYS 880
    Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation  GEST 880
    Characteristics of Hazardous Materials  CHEM 890
    Chemical, Biological, Radiological, & Nuclear Containment & Decontamination  CHEM 890
    Critical Analysis & Map Reading  GEG230
    Electrical Wiring or Service Installation  PHYS 20
    Emergency Preparedness SPRT 880
    First Aid  SPRT 20
    Hazardous Materials Operation  CHEM 890
    Human Health & Disease Prevention  HLTH 880
    Human Relations Communications  COMM 880
    Intro to Problem Solving  GEST 880
    Land Navigation PHED 880
    Marksmanship PHED 880
    Military Science  GEST 880
    Network Essentials  CPSC 311
    Network Fundamentals  CPSC 870
    Orienteering  PHED 880
    Personal Community Health  HLTH 880
    Physical Conditioning  PHED 070
    Safety  GEST 880
    Self Defense  PHED 880
    Solid State Electronics  PHYS 890
    Under Management Technician- Computer Applications  CPSC 101
    Unix Operating System  CPSC 870


    In addition to credits evaluated above, PRO880 credits will be entered for the following classifications:
    Rank/Classification Credits Awarded
    Non- Commission Officers:
    E4– E6 3
    E7 or Higher 6
    Commissioned Officers:
    O1 – O2  3
    O3 or Higher 6

  • Who Else Can Help?

    Office of Veteran Services –

    Tania M. Brown-Berringer (Ms. T) - Coordinator, Veterans Services - Service: US Army

    McFarland Student Union Building Rm 260



    Student Accounts –

    Wendy Pursell – Director of Student Accounts

    Stratton Administration Center Rm 225A



    Disability Services Office –

    McKenzie Hollenbach – Director of Disability Services

    Stratton Administration Center Rm 215A


    * Veterans may be covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) if there is a functional limitation that impacts learning or living. Types of conditions that may be covered include but are not limited to: PTSD, TBI or other physical or learning impairments. For more information, call: 610-683-4108 (TTY: 610-683-4499) or visit the KU Disability Services website.*