New Student Information


You will be notified by mail and email when registration for your first semester is available.

New Freshman Students registered for the New Student Orientation will begin registration on: Date to be determined

If no courses are selected by the given deadline a schedule will be created for you. 

Follow the steps below to register for your first semester at Kutztown University! 

1. Placement Assessments 

Before you begin selecting classes you will need to take your Math Placement Assessment and possibly the Language Placement Assessment. 

  • REQUIRED (All New Students) - Math Placement Assessment (ALEKS)

    ALEKS Math Placement
    In order to register for a math course, you must have an ALEKS score. The assessment will ask up to 30 questions. You should plan to complete the assessment in one 2-3 hour sitting. 

    *Students with transfer credits that have been evaluated and accepted to Kutztown as MAT 017, Introduction to Mathematics, have met this requirement and do not have to take the placement exam. If you are transferring into a major that requires more than introductory math, you must take the assessment.

    Questions about the math placement exam, visit the Math Placement website or contact Dr. Paul Ache, Chair of the Department of Mathematics, at or 610-683-4410.

  • Modern Language Placement (CAPE) - Optional

    CAPE Language Placement: (Suggested) Earn up to 9 free credits! Before enrolling in a French, German or Spanish course, unless you have no prior experience in the language, you should complete this diagnostic tool to evaluate your language skill level. This assessment will indicate the recommended level of the language you choose to study. If you place into and take a course at a level beyond 011 (renumbered 101 as of fall 2018) and pass with a C or better, you will get free credits (up to 9) for the previous levels.  

    The placement diagnostic typically takes less than 20 minutes depending on your level of fluency. You will need: §  Password: bears1 §  A printer to print the results of your exam §  Take a printed copy with you to CONNECTIONS Questions? Visit the Language Placement website or contact Dr. Christine Núñez, Chair of the Department of Modern Languages, at or 610-683-4427.     


2. Advanced PlacemenT and Other College Credits

Did you take an AP course in highschool or a dual enrollment course? You could potentially recieve college credit by sending your scores or transcript to Kutztown. 


3. Registering for First Year Seminar 

Using the links below you will first browse the available course topics, then download registration instructions, and then proceed to MyKU to register for your course. 

Spring 2020 First Year Seminar Course Topics and Descriptions

Instructions for registering for your First Year Seminar

Login in to MyKU 


4. Selecting your Major CheckSheet to Prepare to Register  

Using the drop down menus below select your major from the list and download your major checksheet and projected 8 semester plans. You can use the following link to explore what the general education requirements are for all students at Kutzown: General Educaiton 


5. Registering for your First Semester

Now that you have your checksheet and your reccomended 8 semester plan, you can browse the available courses and register for your first semester. The links listed below will assist you in learning more about the courses, learning where they will fit on your checksheet and how to register in MyKU. 

Course Offerings: browse the available courses 

Course Descriptions: read short excerpts on the courses subject matter 

General Education: explore the lists of courses will fill the necessary requirements 

Registration: instructions on how to search and enroll in courses in MyKU

MyKU Login Link