Teacher Candidacy

Candidacy is required by the College of Education for enrollment in teacher preparation courses. Not meeting candidacy requirements will set a student back in their career at KU and prevent program completion. 

Candidacy Requirements

By the semester you complete 48 credits (typically the end of your sophomore year), the following requirements must be met for candidacy to be achieved:

  • Passing scores on Basic Skills Tests (requirement suspended until July 2025)
  • Minimum 3.0 GPA maintained until graduation*
  • A grade of C or better in the following courses:
    • 1 Composition (CMP) course
    • 1 English (ENG) literature course
    • 2 Math (MAT) courses level 17 or higher

*Candidacy will be lost if your GPA falls below the 3.0 minimum.

Transfer Students

Transfer students coming to KU with 48 credits or more must meet candidacy requirements to be admitted into an education program. See KU's policy here

Need Help?

If you are unsure of your candidacy status, please contact the COE Dean's Office for assistance.