Dr. Mark Wolfmeyer

Secondary Education Department Chair, Program Coordinator of M.Ed in Secondary Education: Teaching with Initial Certification

Headshot of Dr. Mark Wolfmeyer

Beekey 228
Kutztown, PA 19530
Phone: 610-683-4763


Dr. Mark Wolfmeyer teaches courses in the Secondary Education undergraduate and graduate programs and for KU's E.D.D. program for teacher leaders. He taught mathematics in secondary public schools for 10 years on both the east and west coasts and has been educating in-service and pre-service teachers for twelve years, specifically in courses related to mathematics education and educational foundations. Dr. Wolfmeyer is an award-winning author of several research publications, including 4 books and numerous articles and book chapters. He regularly presents at national and international research conferences in education, including the American Educational Research Association (AERA) and the Mathematics Education and Society (MES). 

Click here to view Dr. Wolfmeyer's lecture "Disrupting Mathematics' Neutrality Myth" given to the University of Southern Mississippi. 

Click here to view Dr. Wolfmeyer's lecture "The Politics of Mathematics Education" given to Kutztown University in receipt of the Chambliss Faculty Research Award in 2020.

    • Ph.D. Urban Education, The Graduate Center, City University of New York

    • M.A. Mathematics Education, Claremont Graduate University

    • B.A. Mathematics, Music, Pomona College
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    • Wolfmeyer, M. (2017). Mathematics Education: A Critical Introduction. New York, NY: Routledge. *Winner: American Educational Studies Association Critics’ Choice Book Award 2017.

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    • Wolfmeyer, M., Chesky, N. and Lupinacci, J. (2017). "EcoJustice mathematics education: An ecocritical (re)consideration for 21st century curricular challenges." Journal of Curriculum Theorizing 32 (2): 53-71.
    • SEU 342/3: Principles of Teaching with Clinical Lab
    • SEU 430: Mathematics Instructional Methods for Middle and High School
    • SEU 567: Curriculum in a Standards Aligned System
    • EDD 721: Educational Policy and Diversity