Background Checks and TB Testing

Clearances are a critical requirement for education majors to participate in the program as well as an obligation throughout the rest of your career as an educator.

Clearances should first be obtained upon entrance to the major. The due dates for uploading clearances are October 15 (if you begin the program in a Fall semester) and February 15 (if you begin the program in the Spring semester). Clearances must be renewed your final year prior to taking your content area methods course and student teaching. Failure to upload clearances on time is a significant issue that may result in consequences related to course registration or program completion.

Find KU's official policy on clearances here. 

Required Clearances

    Apply online at (secure website).

    • Click “Submit New Record Check,” choose “Individual Request,” and under reason for, click on “Other.
    • Input your personal information and click “proceed.”
    • Confirm your information, and click “enter this request.”
    • Click “view queued record check,” and then “submit.”
    • Proceed to payment options. A $22.00 fee will be charged to your credit card.
    • When your record has been processed, click the “R-Control” link and click “Certification Form.”
      • Immediately save your official results as a PDF.
    • Navigate to
    • Choose “Create an Individual Account” (if you don’t already have one). Create a Keystone ID and fill out the additional information.  Once you have logged in with your Keystone ID and set a password, click on “Create Clearance Application.” 
    • When prompted, choose “School Employee Governed by Public School Code” under Application Purpose
    • After answering all questions, be sure to check “yes” to have a paper version of the certificate sent to you (you will be able to print an electronic version later if needed).  Processing takes approximately 14 days.
    • Pay the $13.00 fee by debit or credit card. 
    • Once you receive a copy of your clearance, keep the official report for your records.

    Fingerprinting must be completed through IdentoGO, not State Police or Department of Human Services. Fingerprinting can now be processed in the Kemp Building on campus. 

    • Go to: (secure website).
      • Type in the service code 1KG6RT (to register for a PA Department of Education clearance)
      • On the next screen, select “Schedule or Manage an Appointment.” Complete the registration form and select the photo ID you will bring to your appointment. 
    • To complete fingerprints on campus: 
      • Once you reach the “Search for Enrollment Center” box, type in SP-KUKemp, check the “Walk-in” box, and click “Next”. Print your confirmation page.
      • Once you have printed the confirmation page, go to
      • In the top right corner, select “Schedule Appointment.” Select a date and time and record it for your reference. Enter your name, email, and phone number. 
    • To complete fingerprints at another location: 
      • Once you reach the “Search for Enrollment Center” box, type in a zip code and select a location. You will now be able to schedule an appointment for that location. Print your confirmation page.
    • For your appointment, bring the identification document that you selected during the application (i.e. Driver’s License), as well as the confirmation page and a debit or credit card for payment.
      • Payment must be in debit or credit card only.
    • You will receive a receipt (containing your UE ID number) at the fingerprinting location. Keep this receipt for your records. A clearance will NOT arrive in the mail.
    • You will later receive an email with a link to your record, please download your record and keep a copy. You will only be given access to your record one time.
    • If you have already completed this training, you do not need to re-complete the course.
    • Navigate to Register for training under Berks County.
    • Upon completing the course, download your certificate as a PDF and upload to Taskstream.
    • TB testing may be administered by your private health care provider/family physician or the KU Health & Wellness Center in Beck Hall (test Tuesday, check results Thursday, 11am-12pm, no appointment needed, $12 cost)
    • Results may be submitted on a script pad or doctor’s letterhead with your name, the negative result, date, and the original signature of your physician (no name stamps may be used).
    • Keep the testing results for your records.
Uploading Clearances

Scan and upload the results of your clearances to Taskstream. For assistance with Taskstream, please contact the College of Education's Support Center at or visit them in Beekey 129.

Important Notes:
  • All clearances must be obtained in Pennsylvania. Out-of-state clearances will be rejected.
  • Use your home address (not school address) when applying for all background checks.
  • If you have any arrest or conviction on a clearance, you must disclose it to the Dean’s Office. Failure to do so may prevent you from completing your Clinical Experience. Find the disclosure form here.
  • Save hard copies of your clearances and keep them confidential!