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Posted: 12/23/2020 3:00 p.m.

Kutztown University has announced an update to the spring semester plan and new testing protocols. Spring 2021 Plan

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K-12 Principal Certification Program

Our Principal Certification Program educates teacher leaders to increase school achievement in collaborative and comprehensive ways. The program focuses on helping teacher leaders acquire the knowledge to improve student achievement from peers, experts, research, and resources. 

This program integrates course-work with a 180 internship in the K-12 school setting. Those seeking a principal certification must be initially certified as a teacher, guidance counselor, librarian, or some other instructional-related professional position in the school prior to engaging in principal certification work. All course content and assessments are aligned with CAEP/ELCC and PIL standards.

Program Requirements

Educators may complete coursework toward the principal certification upon entering the program. However, five years of satisfactory performance in the area of teaching certification must be completed before applying to the Pennsylvania Department of Education for Principal Certification. Applicants can start working on their time during the principal certification program, but they cannot complete the certificate until five years of successful teaching is documented in their area of certification. This requirement must be verified with the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

  • The Praxis Educational Leadership: School Leaders Licensure (6011) must be taken and passed as part of the successful completion of this program
  • 24 credit hours of coursework
              - 21 credits of core classwork (courses are prerequisites to internship experience that encompass all four domains)
              - 3 credits of an internship (field hours completed during a capstone semester)
  • Principal Portfolio 

Courses of Study - 24 Credits

I.    Planning and Preparation: Curriculum - 6 credits
          SEU 567: Curriculum in a Standard Aligned System 
          EDU 541: Supervision and Finance

II.   Environment - 6 credits
          EDU 599: School Leadership in a Diverse Society
          EDU 528: Student Diversity and Critical Pedagogy

III.   Instruction - 6 credits
          EDU 526: Data-Driven Decision Making
          SEU 544: Action Research for Teacher Leaders

IV.   Professionalism - 7 credits
          EDU 562: School Law
          EDU 593: Internship (3 ch - 3 sh; 180 hours of service total)

Courses taught on campus and online

  • Admissions Requirements & Deadlines

    Admissions Requirements

    • Application
    • Official transcripts from all previous colleges or universities
    • Teaching Certification  



    • Fall semester: August 1st
    • Spring semester: December 1st
    • Summer sessions: May 1st

How Can I Receive More Information?

If you would like more information about the K-12 Principal Certification Program, please request information via the Office of Graduate Admissions or send an email to coates@kutztown.edu


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